Digital Workshop: Korean Digital Ecosystem

Sometimes the best practice comes when you learn through your own circumstances. Enroll as a brand in order to experience the Digital Workshop with your colleagues and collaborate on practical ideas for your brand. The workshop will be customized with examples from your industry as well as digital market insights that are relevant for your industry in Korea.

Together we will dive into the Korean Digital Ecosystem presentation, using expert knowledge, gained over 17 years at Asiance. As specialists in the local ecosystem, we helped over 350 foreign companies understand and make the right decisions for their digital marketing activities in South Korea.

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Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the Korean Digital Ecosystem
  • Learn how to create a customer journey for the Korean digital market
  • Share ideas and collaborate with team members from other departments
  • Engage in interactive activities and challenges

Is this you?

  • You want to launch or leverage your digital business in Korea
  • You want to grow your digital presence in Korea
  • You want to know more about the Korean Digital Ecosystem as a team
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Learn and discover insights and knowledge about the Korean Digital Ecosystem. Dive deep into the world of various e-commerce platforms that are crucial to Korea.

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CUSTOM examples

Custom examples of brands will be provided so that your brand will get a deeper understanding. Through the interactive activities, you will get a hands on experience on building a customer journey for brands similar to yours.

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offline and Online

Discover the Korean Digital Ecosystem through the flexibility of offline or online workshops. Learn and collaborate with your colleagues and build a customer experience journey.

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