Introduction to Naver and Kakao report

For initiating your business in Korea, Naver and Kakao are now critical. They provide all the services necessary for a population that is digitally literate with a near 100 percent internet penetration rate.

With so much information available in the digital world, convenience has become the key word for Koreans. Naver and Kakao, being the internet giants they are, have become the go-to platforms for both sellers and buyers. They cover crucial services which comprise the whole customer journey including but not limited to brand awareness, online marketplace, and simple payment methods. This report provides the key information you need to leverage Naver and Kakao's e-commerce space and broaden your customer reach.


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Report Objectives

  • Explains the importance of Naver and Kakao e-commerce
  • Provides an overview of the Naver and Kakao e-commerce services
  • Tackles the benefits of Naver and Kakao e-commerce from both a brand’s point of view and customer’s point of view

Topics covered: Naver Shopping, Naver Pay, Luxury in Naver, Kakao Shopping, KakaoTalk Gift, Kakao Pay, Luxury in Kakao, and more.

is this you?

  • You want to understand pop-up strategies in luxury
  • You want to learn from best practices to create a successful pop-up event for your brand
  • You are working in the luxury business either as a brand or luxury seller

Report Breakdown



Naver E-commerce

Naver Overview

Naver Ecosystem as an E-commerce Platform

Naver Shopping

Naver Pay

Luxury in Naver

Kakao E-commerce

Kakao Overview

Kakao Shopping

KakaoTalk Gift

Kakao Pay

Luxury in Kakao


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