Korean Digital Ecosystem Presentation

With Korea being one of the key markets for many global brands, it has become crucial for brands to advance in Korea’s digital landscape in the means of e-commerce and digital marketing. The Korean Digital Ecosystem Introductory Presentation provides an overview on Korean consumers, local e-commerce & social networks, and newest trends from the digital world of Korea.

This presentation is best for people that are new to Korea and want to get a broad overview of Korea’s latest digital dynamics.


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45min report content presentation
& 15min Q & A

Presentation Objectives

  • Enables non-Korean stakeholders to get an initial understanding on the digital status of Korea
  • Gives insights and a guide into Korea’s e-commerce ecosystem
  • Provides an overview on the preferred social networks of Koreans
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is this you?

  • You are unfamiliar with Korea and would like to get an overview from a local expert
  • You are hosting a seminar or event for non-Korean participants and are looking for an external speaker
  • You plan to enter the Korean market and want to understand the digital aspect of the market

presentation Breakdown

Understanding Digital Korea

Test Market for Early Adopters

Smartphone Nation

Hallyu and Korean Celebrities

Digital Ecosystem in Korea

Navigating Korea’s E-commerce Ecosystem

Reaching Koreans on Preferred Social Networks



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