Campaign Strategy

This consultancy service offers a high-level plan and guidance for local campaigns based on the HQ’s guidelines. Setting a strategy that covers the entire budget allocation to time plans, it gives brands the idea of where and how to run the campaign for both offline and online context in Korea.

main process

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  • Define KPI & target audience
  • Define the campaign budget
  • Define the HQ’s guidelines and must-have features for the online/offline campaign
  • Define timeframe

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key questions

  • What are the digital marketing/media/platform trends and recent customer behavior?
  • Which parts should be localized?
  • What considerations should be followed by platform or channel?
  • What should be benchmarked for competitors' recent activities?
  • What should be the differentiation for the brand/campaign?

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  • Considering the analysis, what strategies does the brand need to initiate?
  • What would be the action plan for the brand?


  • Trend Analysisof competitor’s key activities and campaigns
  • Case Studiesof key competitor campaigns
  • Assessment Matrixof competition’s activities
  • Desk Research / Benchmarkingon latest trends and industry news
  • Data Crawlingof social activities including PR and paid media

Trend Analysis

of competitor’s key activities and campaigns

Case Studies

of key competitor campaigns

Assessment Matrix

of competition’s activities

Desk Research / Benchmarking

on latest trends and industry news

Data Crawling

of social activities including PR and paid media


consulting components


Budget Allocation


Case Study - Brand


KPI Breakdown



Report Features


Budget Recommendation

Key Strategy

High Level Plan for Key Programs

Time Plan

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