why brands consult with asiance

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Strategy Implementation

After the delivery of our consulting services, our commitment with you doesn’t end there. We continue the journey with you through the next steps including implementation, development, campaigns, localization, and optimization.

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Hands-on Experience

We have insights and know-hows that is based on 17 years of actual experiences working with major brands that are coming to or want to expand in Korea. We have handled digital marketing activities and strategies as long-term partners for many brands in a variety of industries ranging from luxury, beauty, technology and more.

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Strong Partnership

We have partners in various categories and industries ranging from consumer research, social listening tools, data crawling and much more. With partners that have a range of different capabilities, it allows us to offer you the best and extensive consulting services designed for your needs.

what will you gain consulting with asiance?

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Thorough Understanding of the Korean Ecosystem

Asiance will navigate you through the complexity of the Korean ecosystem by providing an overview of the market with the latest basic figures, trends, etc.

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Decrease in Time and Resources for Research

Using Asiance’s insights and research methods, brands can get access to the necessary data for the business needs

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Less Time Invested for Decision Making

Recommendations and strategies derived from Asiance’s insights will help brands to shorten the decision-making process

All Consulting Services

Asiance provides consulting tailored for your needs to succeed in Korea.

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competitve intelligence

Understand the competitive landscape and extract recommendations for business directions. It focuses on a selected list of competitors to analyze their activities in specific digital marketing areas.
The analysis data will serve as recommendations for the brand to apply to their competitive strategy.

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campaign strategy

This consultancy service is to offer high-level plan and guidance for local campaigns based on the HQ’s guidelines. Setting a strategy that covers the entire budget allocation to time plans will give brands the idea of where and how to run the campaign for both offline and online context in Korea.

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market & consumer analysis

This consultancy service is fit for brands who would like to enter the Korean market, or who have already entered the Korean market and would like to expand. It helps to identify the brand fit in the Korean Ecosystem & understand Korean Consumers in order to grow your brand in Korea.

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Ui & UX Optimization

This consultancy service is for brands who are planning to enter the Korean market or expanding their settled business in Korea. It aims to identify the brand fit in the Korean ecosystem and to understand Korean consumers in order to grow the brand in Korea.


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